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KlimatelinK Social Tokens

KlimatelinK currently rewards its members via two forms of social tokens

  • A community social token referred to as K-Score

  • A personal social token referred to as P-Score


What is K-Score?

All members who contribute towards KlimatelinK network growth and promote mutual-trust receive a K-Score.

This could be in the form of

  • Individual action - completeness of personal profile, referrals to grow the network, feedback etc

  • Community action - content submissions (video/audio/text), hosting events, running action groups etc


The benefits of collecting the K-Score include

  • opportunity to access paid events for free

  • opportunity to access exclusive content for free

  • apply to moderate existing or new communities

  • get listed on KlimatelinK monthly leader board and gain network visibility


What is P-Score?

All members who volunteer their time to support the core KlimatelinK management team receive P-Score.


The time volunteered by members include

  • Individual action - research, analysis, design, advise, referrals etc

  • Community action - playing the role of community facilitator, moderation, event creation or co-ordination.  


The benefits of collecting the P-Score include

  • conversion to carbon offset via network buy back

  • conversion to asset ownership (Trees, NFT, etc) via network buy back


Please reach out to our team if you would like to volunteer your time.

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